Healthcare and Community Projects


So far this year supporters have raised funds for us to pay for 12 operations for children whose parents had no money to pay for treatment.  The most recent concerned a baby girl called Rehema.


I had heard rumours of a girl in a remote village who was born with a ‘tail’.  I asked Richard, our health worker to investigate.  He tracked down the child and her family and when he brought them to my house I could see that the child had been born with a very large cyst at the base of her spine.  I took her to the doctors and apart from the impossibility of living a life with such a deformity, they told me that Rehema would certainly die anyway when the cyst eventually ruptured and became infected.  With help from supporters (I don’t always name them because they would be likely to receive begging letters) we were able to take Rehema to Mulago hospital in Kampala where she underwent successful surgery last month to remove the growth.  She’s only four months old but is already back at my house and giving us her best smile.


6 sep 13 006


The lady in the photo is not the mother.  She’s my wife!



We always have a waiting list of children who need help and the amount that we can do depends entirely on the funds that we have.  Even paying a small salary for Richard, without who we could do very little, is difficult because it obviously costs money.


Other partner organizations and supporters have also helped us buy and distribute more than 200 mosquito nets, as well as blankets and bed sheets, to needy communities.  It’s difficult for people living in the UK to imagine what a huge difference this makes to so many families and we send a big thank you to those who have contributed.