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Spring Newsletter 2015


Welcome to our (brief) Spring Newsletter for 2015.Many of you are aware that I underwent a coronary bypass operation in January.A big thank you to all those good wishes from so many people.Iím pleased to say that the operation was a success and I continue to grow stronger day by day.By the summer I should be fighting fit!


While I was recuperating I had a chance to redesign our website after received feedback from various sponsors.The new site ( displays all the information about our charity projects in one place and, for the first time, it allows supporters to make a donation to the cause very simply using a link to our new partners facility makes it much easier for people to make small donations to help children in need in the Mbale area of Uganda.The website also brings together all our recent Mbale Schools Band videos under one tab.



A recent delivery of aid from our charity to an extended family in the community who live in desperate circumstances.The donations included a bed, school books, buckets and bowls, nets, food, clothes, firewood,and much more. We target families who take responsibility for sensible family planning.



Obviously, a re-designed website doesnít necessarily make a practical difference to the lives of young people and their families so we continue to work hard to support as many individuals and families as we can through help with their education, or our humanitarian projects, or through our music program.


Child sponsorship


The best way of supporting young people in need in a developing country is not through gifts but through investment in the children themselves.This means helping them with their education and skills so that they can obtain useful and decent jobs.†† Nothing can be achieved if the youth of the country are not equipped with the skills and training that they need for useful employment.This is why we work so hard to try and find sponsors for children in our project.


You canít just wander around Uganda selecting children to sponsor at random.So we channel the efforts to find sponsors for our children through our youth music program.When we see young people come to our music rehearsals we get to know their abilities, characters and circumstances very well indeed.We quickly weed out those individuals who donít want to make an effort themselves and just want handouts.For those who only want money, or who have no respect for authority, or are not willing to work as part of a team, we wish them well in their future and send them on their way.There are so many deserving children in Uganda, and we have such limited resources, that we try and help those young people who will work hard themselves and make a real contribution to the future of the country.


Through our child sponsorship scheme we try our best to help children either complete their schooling or, increasingly, try and support them through further education.However, the challenge is that college or vocational courses are usually more expensive than normal school fees.


We have made a huge difference to so many children though this policy of youth development.Many children are doing really well in their education while others are learning new and sustainable skills for the future.


So we are still appealing for compassionate people to come forward and help with support for school children or students who want to go on to college or vocational training, or who want to become musicians.We also have a number of children who just need help for one or two years.


It makes such a difference to so many children in Uganda.Almost half our sponsored children have lost at least one parent.Many of them are despairingly trying to complete their education without money for school fees, books or lunches.


Please let me know if you are interested in sponsoring a needy child in the scheme.If you canít afford it yourself the best way that you can help is by telling your friends about the program and asking if they would consider sponsoring a child at £15 a month for a child at school or £20 a month for a child in further education.They can download a leaflet from the website at




As part of our extended Ugandan family, my wife and I also look after a young boy called Emma (Emma is short for Emmanuel in Uganda).Emma was born on the back seat of my car three years ago when we didnít make it to the hospital on time.He is the most wonderful child.


Last month we nearly lost him when he contracted malaria.We had to rush him to hospital to put him on a quinine-based drip for two days while he fought the disease with our family at his bedside.Thankfully he made it and has now fully recovered.Iím not sure how I would have coped if he had succumbed to the disease.


While we were at the hospital we heard that three other children had died that week because the childrenís parents could not afford the cost of the drugs to treat malaria or cholera.In Uganda, if you canít pay for your treatment you donít get any.


As if I didnít need reminding, this brought home to me how devastating it must be for parents to lose a child for the want of £10 or £15 for medical treatment and hospital care.Simple medicines cost less and more serious conditions cost more.


We canít help everybody but when we hear of parents in the community who are in desperate need we try and help if our resources allow.This is why we would be so grateful for any contributions to our medical program, especially funds that we can use to buy mosquito nets to prevent malaria in the first place.




Emma back home from hospital


Music Program


In January 2015 our flagship band, Mbale Schools Band, embarked on our first tour of Kampala and other major cities in Uganda.The band performed concerts at the Africana and Sheraton Hotels in Kampala as well as beachside concerts in Entebbe, and community concerts in Masaka.

You can see us singing at the Sheraton Hotel here:


and playing a pop song at Kampala Music School here:


and the progress that we have made musically when we played at the National Theatre Gardens here:


or search youtube for ďMbale Schools BandĒ



We continue to improve our standard of play in our bands while offering children in the developing world all the benefits that derive from youth music.




We now have a new Facebook page for Mbale Schools Band with lots of updates yet to come.


Thank you so much for your support.


Philip Monk

Founder - ugive2uganda


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